To my favorite super human

Scan1 (3)

I’ll always be a fan of your not so silly dad jokes, I’ll always admire your way of taking care of us and your silent cheers far from here, I’ll always treasure are father-daughter thing from hugs to kisses and of course, I’ll always be your perfectly imperfect daughter. If I were to be asked if I grew up as if I’m a princess, I would say that I grew up as pauper slowly approaching the ups and downs within my boundaries, learning the basics of life to the the hardest ones, I grew up not to be a princess but to be a good role model not to all but to many.

I may not be the smartest, prettiest, fairest of all the daughters around the world but I think I am to you, Papa.

You’ll always be my favorite superhuman,

I love you and a Happy Fathers’ Day to you ~



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