To my favorite super human

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I’ll always be a fan of your not so silly dad jokes, I’ll always admire your way of taking care of us and your silent cheers far from here, I’ll always treasure are father-daughter thing from hugs to kisses and of course, I’ll always be your perfectly imperfect daughter. If I were to be asked if I grew up as if I’m a princess, I would say that I grew up as pauper slowly approaching the ups and downs within my boundaries, learning the basics of life to the the hardest ones, I grew up not to be a princess but to be a good role model not to all but to many.

I may not be the smartest, prettiest, fairest of all the daughters around the world but I think I am to you, Papa.

You’ll always be my favorite superhuman,

I love you and a Happy Fathers’ Day to you ~


rm – always

It’s not okay for you to say that it’s okay for you to be sad if that makes the world even up. It makes the world odd instead, with you burying your happiness.

Odd numbers can create an Even number,

an Odd number and Even number can create an even number too,

If you were odd and I were even, would it make both of our worlds even up to you?


spilled thoughts e.2

“There is always an alternativess.

Stop thinking that there is only one option open for you.

Let’s take self-improvement as an example,

Yes, make-ups do boost up your confidence but it is not permanent. 

Yes, blending in to people with different taste and opinions will boost your social life but it won’t last long.

Yes, lying will help you but the truth will prevail.

Its just that you don’t bother to take a peek at the second option, making you pick the wrong answer because you will safe with it, because you felt the comfort in it.

But the right answers isn’t meant to be comfortable after all.

Telling a lie is easier than telling the truth, making faking your smiles is easier than showing your frowns, covering yourself is easier than showing your true self.

Its easy as it seems to be, but in reality, it is not.

There would always be consequences in every decisions you make. Its not just affects you, or the person involved but also the people outside the question. 

Its better to live in agony in the beginning than living it for a life time then you, casually blaming it to others and to God.

Dear, think again. Its you all along.”