ten days late post



May 17, 2017,  marks my resignation to the childish society and my promotion to Adult society. Some things changed and some remains.

What did changed? My opinion towards our society.

What remains? Too many to mention, it is possible to type it one by one, its just I’m too lazy to do so. In general, two out of the hundreds things that remained to me as I step on the Adult train is my savageness and my love and affection towards tea & to my loved ones.

That day for me was extravagant and magical. The word ‘magical’ is a little childish but it is how I would describe it. 5 hours of smiles, giggles and laughs. Yes, there were several mistakes especially regarding the sound system and my voice (note: I wasn’t able to eat that much so I went to the Sweets Table and ate 2 gummy worms).

Despite those, the celebration was still a memorable one.

Before the actual day, I was too nervous and anxious, questioning myself with negativity.

It turns out to be different.

Not all of our invites were able to attend the celebration, there were empty tables and chairs but that’s not a reason for me to frown the whole celebration. I end up laughing too loud, maybe enough for the Guest at the back to hear. Just kidding.

I wish I could type all what happened that day, my mind is unable to process a proper story telling like paragraph. Maybe some other time.

I already posted my thank yous before that day, typing it again in this post would be a hassle. I don’t want to copy paste it, okay, it would be weird if I did.


If you’re one of my beautiful guests,

Thank you for playing an outstanding role for my first chapter as an Adult, for making my celebration extra special. Thank you, I hope you had fun as much as I did.


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