Dear no one,

How are you? You’re probably doing fine but not too fine. Right now, I don’t know whether you’re fast asleep or scrolling through your twitter timeline, reading news articles through your phone or what. Though, I do know that even with a guy like you, you feel insecurities and silent anxieties from time to time. 

Do you know what’s the hardest thing in life? Nope, its not solving Mathematical equations or trying to catch a fish with a large bait. 

It’s loving yourself.

I might not be there with you to lend my hand to warm your cold hands up during the cold weather, to sing along with your self composed lyrics, to dork around and to be that person you can call at 2am to talk about the deepest or extraterrestial topics or to be that person you can wake up because you can’t get rid of that one thought.

You might be thinking ‘I wish I’m not alive’, or ‘I’m not a good person to be in this place’. Those thoughts aren’t easily erased, it is permanent, we all have those thoughts during our downpour.

Please listen to this,

Even with the sudden storm, the floods and thunders. There’s a sun up there, ready to shine through our windowpane. 

To me, as destiny pull as closer, you’re the ray of sunshine in my gloomy days and the starlight in my darkest days and of course it isn’t just you, there’s food too.

I’m not the sweetest, talented, smartest or prettiest but I hope I am to you. 

Never forget that you’re far more handsome and sexy than any Gucci or Calvin Klein models to me and of course to love yourself, to treasure yourself because you deserve better than those coffee stains or spilled inks in your hands. 

Shall we meet? 

Not now but at the right time.


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