Don’t like it because its a trend,

Don’t do it because its a trend,

Like it because of how likable it is, the talent, the inside attributes.

Do it because you think its right.

Its crazy how people ride on the trend train, just to feel they belong in this society, little did they know their unprepossessing and trendy acts causes a stir in someone’s point of view.

Darling, you’re act takes a second but it is engraved for a lifetime.


Between True Love and World Peace,

I would choose True love


Without true love there wouldn’t be peace in this world, this world would be filled with hatred and backlash.

There won’t be peace if there is no love.

Dear no one,

How are you? You’re probably doing fine but not too fine. Right now, I don’t know whether you’re fast asleep or scrolling through your twitter timeline, reading news articles through your phone or what. Though, I do know that even with a guy like you, you feel insecurities and silent anxieties from time to time. 

Do you know what’s the hardest thing in life? Nope, its not solving Mathematical equations or trying to catch a fish with a large bait. 

It’s loving yourself.

I might not be there with you to lend my hand to warm your cold hands up during the cold weather, to sing along with your self composed lyrics, to dork around and to be that person you can call at 2am to talk about the deepest or extraterrestial topics or to be that person you can wake up because you can’t get rid of that one thought.

You might be thinking ‘I wish I’m not alive’, or ‘I’m not a good person to be in this place’. Those thoughts aren’t easily erased, it is permanent, we all have those thoughts during our downpour.

Please listen to this,

Even with the sudden storm, the floods and thunders. There’s a sun up there, ready to shine through our windowpane. 

To me, as destiny pull as closer, you’re the ray of sunshine in my gloomy days and the starlight in my darkest days and of course it isn’t just you, there’s food too.

I’m not the sweetest, talented, smartest or prettiest but I hope I am to you. 

Never forget that you’re far more handsome and sexy than any Gucci or Calvin Klein models to me and of course to love yourself, to treasure yourself because you deserve better than those coffee stains or spilled inks in your hands. 

Shall we meet? 

Not now but at the right time.

A letter to a child’s playmate

During my 18th birthday celebration, at the end, I mentioned someone special, someone that played a role to my life as an inspiration.

Now that I’m 18, it’s time to mature myself up once again, to set some things free and that includes you.

Darling, we’re a pair of matches.

If this love is meant to be then it would be.

You’ll remain as an inspiration to me but in a different perspective, its time to let new feelings be born and not to limit myself to you, the right guy will eventually come and I know, its not you. 

This is the last chapter of our souls playing dates, and soon our chapter as completely different characters will come forth.

A warm welcome to Adulthood

Some people might not been able to attend the celebration but the warmth I felt by the guests during those hours was too warm. The smiles and laughter, this celebration shall live in my history and to my children’s history someday. 

I’m truly grateful for this celebration, for all the guests who attended even with their busy schedules.

What more can I say? Words aren’t enough how thankful I am.

I’m speechless, I don’t know what more could I type and mention. Its way too much.

Maybe someday, I would be able to say it all but its not today.

Here’s a toast of wine and milk!

Please look after me, everyone ~

A bunch of Thank yous

As I take a step to the Adult Society, I would like to say or rather to type my gratitude to some people.

• To my highschool friends, thank you for staying with me and for not treating me as a total stranger when I was a transferee. Even with the short period of time, I felt warmth around you guys. Thank you.

• To my partners in stupidity, at the beginning of our friendship it was awkward and our air filled with silence, then time dashed way too fast and so does the silence between us. Our days were filled with loud laughters, silly jokes and funny faces even with the storms in front of us. Thank you for being the definition of true friendship to me, Niquepoo, Alpanot, Komododragon, Mello, Onee & Stephenot. 

• To my dearest siblings, you guys might be too loud during the evenings and leaving the dishes unwashed past 11pm but I still love you potchis, Thank you for hearing my rants about some certain topics and for understanding my serious attitude and my constant scoldings about life but please still wash the dishes even if its a little late. 

• To my professors, for pursuing and motivating our batch towards our goals.

• To my fellow aspiring Architects, thank you, I don’t know what else to say hehe.

• To all of my Titas and Titos for helping my parents during in times of needs and for being a shoulder for them to lean of during laughters and sobs. Thank you very much!

• To our furbabies, Im sorry for not being able to give the four of you enough attention and love but, once we transfer back to our home, I will do my best to do so.

• To my Parents, a paragraph wouldn’t be enough neither a book to extend my gratitude and how thankful I am. From womb till now, as a young adult, thank you for being part of who am I today, I do hope you’re proud for who I am today. Thank you for always being there behind the scenes or in the spotlight along with me. Your teachings about life will forever live in my history. I love you so so much, I’m sorry I can’t say it in person. I’ll always be a Mommy’s runaway model and Daddy’s princess.

• To my other half, when the time where our paths have finally stumble upon each other, I would happily say to you how I grateful I am to meet such a swaggy and intellectual guy like you in my life. Its a good thing that we’re not together at this time, don’t you think? It let us grow individually both physically and mentally than us, being together right now then eventually breaking it off because we’re too young and dumb. Its better this way, it makes our love story even better. I’ll see you soon but not too soon. Its too early for me to say an ‘I love you’, and I prefer saying it when the right time comes so please wait patiently and don’t do anything dumber than the dumb things you’ve been doing until now.

• To my past, a big thank you for all the people who played a great role to my past. Thanks to all of you, I am who I am right now. I wouldn’t be this kind of person without the help from you. I’ll see you at the highest peek of the mountain & to some I’m a curse and to some I’m a blessing, its up to you what role did I played in your life. Well, to me, it was a blessing even with the hint of regret, I still treated all of the things that happened in the past as a blessing. Thank you for being a lesson to me.

• Lastly, to our heavenly father. I owe my life to you, all of this, every single fragment in my life is all thanks to you, Lord. Thank you for guiding me towards the bright future filled with goodness and thank you for always hearing my prayers and sentimental statements in life. This post isn’t enough to mention all of the things I’m truly thankful for. I love you dearly, Lord and I’m forever grateful for this life of my mine.