Not now 

You might not be as cool as Jackie Chan, as handsome as Christian Grey, as great in soccer as Messi or David Beckham, as smart as Albert Einstein but you are in your silly own ways. 

They may look at you with an eyes of admiration for your voice and outer attributes. Feel the beat of their hearts as they watch you, the stomps of the stupid elephants in their stomachs and giggles because of your pointless jokes.

That’s them but not me. I don’t feel myself blush over you neither feel my heart beat faster than the usual and I no longer question why.

Its because I don’t need to feel those just to know that Im attracted to you or I’m head over heals for you. Those doesnt determine what I feel for you. 

The point is all that matters is I know that I could look ahead towards the future with you on it. All that matters is this feelings will stay the same till the right time comes.

We might not know each other yet but we will someday.

You better wait and stay still! I’ll get my degree and prove to the world that I could stand beside you not as an ordinary girl but as an extraordinary one.

Better get my college degree first ♡

pre title; in life 

Life is much more beautiful than those make-ups, puppy loves, physical attributes and so on and so forth.

Life is beyond those things, what makes life breathtakingly beautiful are the silly jokes, chuckles over embarassing moments, loud laughters almost covering an entire room, every single tear drops over sad movies or because of our life itself and sunshines after the storms.

Life is so much more beautiful than I could imagine.