From the First Day till the Last One


An Open Letter to Self;

11 hours from now, I know that you wouldn’t remain as you are right now as you type this one. Every hour, every minute you tend to change yourself. What kind of change? Little changes, maybe?

Big changes and Small changes. Removing the bad habits, constantly thinking about an imaginary image made up of funny and cheesy desires for the future that would never happen.

Tomorrow, you would be braver than now. Living a life filled with solving problems, calculating the consequences in every decisions, looking at yourself thinking that you don’t have to change a bit in your physical attributes to impress others, being honest to what you truly feel and slowly discarding the happy facade during your gloom days.

You will gradually be in the spotlight, not that kind of spotlight but in your own spotlight drawn by your hard works. *

You’ll always be an odd one, in your own way.


Airabbit, 2016


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