As a Sixteen years young lady;

“What life was I able to live during the Sixteenth year of my life? ” I asked myself.

Well, the life that I was able to live was an epic. A path and a different kinds of challenges had opened up towards me. I was timid and shy, true, that I’m still timid and shy but not as much as I was the past years. I met several people, introduced myself multiple of times not just to people but also to wisdom. I’ve changed and I’m not going to lie about it.

I’m not the same person when I was Fifteen and I’m definitely not going to remain as I am today someday.There’s one thing I have a guarantee thou, and that is I’m going to change not for worst but for the better. How am I suppose to grow, if I would remain the same, right? right.

At the age of 16. I was able to embrace what I was truly am, wholeheartedly. In addition to life lessons, we should stop falling in love with temporary people and stop throwing bunch of complaints, why not try to turn those complaints into a solution to do something to change it?

We weren’t born to experience only just happiness. We live to struggle for the best, for what we want and for what we deserve.

I’m still in the middle of conquering the stress cause by studying, the bitterness of plain black coffee, healthy living, exercising daily, all of the kanji and kana characters.


I’m Sixteen turning Seventeen and I’m still in the scenario of chasing after my goal five years prior.

I’m truly grateful for this life, God has bestowed upon me. To my beautiful parents, I, thank you for turning me into such a fine lady, i love you. To my siblings, still epic, my eternal best friends. To my friends, thank you for being a part of my life and to those bashful people towards me (if there are one) thank you, you are one of the many inspirations for me to be a better human being. To Kousuke, thank you, no words can explain what I’m supposed to thank you for.


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