As a child I let the voice of the society get to me, it was eating my mind up. I used to believe that the opinion of the society is important.

That was until I turned 16.

When I turned 16, I finally woke up from the nightmare that lasted long for 15 years. Since then it felt like I was free from the stone hard chains clawed on my wrist.

During those years, I wished to have a boyfriend, to be a famous person, to have a lot of friends and clothes and money. Yeah, I admit that I was greedy, I craved the attention of the people around me. But that was all in the past.

Should I let myself get drown again over the voices of the society? Should I follow them? Should I let society

The answer is No.

I don’t want to live that kind of life any longer. I was finally free, so why would I let myself be in cage by them again?

What’s the point of setting yourself free away from them, if you were to comeback?

To me, at this point of age, I’ve finally realized the ugly truth.

What matters to me the most now is my parents, siblings, the little circle of friends I have and the dream I’ve been chasing for 9 years. It’s okay if I won’t be able to give the pleasure the society is expecting as long as I meet the expectations of the people that adds up a definition to my very existence then that’s enough.





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