Falling in Love


Falling in love; no one had felt this feeling. We fall in love with things, memories, animals and people. It might be the easiest thing to do but the truth is it isn’t.

Love comes with a package of sacrifices and responsibilities. In addition, of course, Love is no joke.

I don’t even know why people make a fool of this harmonious feeling. 

Right person, Wrong time? Neh. We say those kind of words to give ourselves a pinch of hope, that someday they might comeback. We should stop forcing ourselves into those kind of deal some people should stop mixing up ‘infatuation’ with ‘love’ don’t you think so?

We do have our ideals like for example, we would like our partner to be a good looking person and has a wealthy background. But we never have any guarantee if our partner is like as what we dream about.

Love is about loving each other, no matter who she or he is. It doesn’t have a 100 meter tall wall to keep ourselves away from this feeling right? We couldn’t help ourselves but fall in love with people, and for some, with temporary people.

Once again, Falling in love is easy but staying in love is the real deal.


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