You weren’t as brave as you are when you were younger and probably, tomorrow when you wake up, you’re braver than this day.

Life wasn’t kind enough to grant all of your selfish desires and wishes but life was kind enough to put you through this hardships because you’re capable of fighting it off. 

You’re a mathematician, calculating the consequences and solves every problem no matter how long it takes. You’re a scientist that discovers whats toxic and continiously creates a new type of thoughts, You’re a painter, painting your own life canvas with bright colors with a little touch of darkness.

Tomorrow, you’re a different person because we never stay the same as we are seconds ago. There is constant changes that happens to us, unconsciously. 


It would be nice to say that your first love is yourself. 

Just like how they said that you must love yourself first before you could love someone else. Then since the very beginning I already love myself but pity my own insecurites.



해피 발렌타인 데이, 멍 청 한 머리
날부터 될 것 이라고 내가 당신 사랑 내 인생에 마지막 순간까지, 난 여전히 소원 하 고 그것을 희망을 발견 하 고 난 끝까지.

Not now 

You might not be as cool as Jackie Chan, as handsome as Christian Grey, as great in soccer as Messi or David Beckham, as smart as Albert Einstein but you are in your silly own ways. 

They may look at you with an eyes of admiration for your voice and outer attributes. Feel the beat of their hearts as they watch you, the stomps of the stupid elephants in their stomachs and giggles because of your pointless jokes.

That’s them but not me. I don’t feel myself blush over you neither feel my heart beat faster than the usual and I no longer question why.

Its because I don’t need to feel those just to know that Im attracted to you or I’m head over heals for you. Those doesnt determine what I feel for you. 

The point is all that matters is I know that I could look ahead towards the future with you on it. All that matters is this feelings will stay the same till the right time comes.

We might not know each other yet but we will someday.

You better wait and stay still! I’ll get my degree and prove to the world that I could stand beside you not as an ordinary girl but as an extraordinary one.

Better get my college degree first ♡